Ladies and gents, boys and girls, dogs and cats,

It’s time now, that we must bite the bullet and face our eminent loss of freedom. That’s right. I’m talking about the fast ending summer as we know it.

Most of us- myself included, are discovering that the 6:30 alarm clock is not a welcome sound, and that adjusting yourself to Ting school lunches yet again is frightening, to say the least. But let’s not panic ourselves!

We must all keep calm. Walk into your school this year with your head held high and a smile- even if its fake- on your face. We must be brave! By now the teachers have awoken from their two months of beauty sleep under their desks and are hungry. But they cannot know you are afraid! They smell it! Be brave comrades, we will survive the dreadful first day of school! We must band together!

Long live summer vacation!